Worm Trade Geda
The worm farm & trade
in the Krimpenerwaard



We deliver all sorts of manure and earth worms, for all different sorts of purposes.
Not only Dendrobeana, also wildmix.

We have our owm worm farm for the finest worms.
We grow the Dendrobaena veneta,
reclassified by taxonomists to the genus and species Eisenia hortensis, and commonly referred to as the European or Belgian nightcrawler.
This worm is known by fisherman for its strength, firmness and longlivety.

The wildmix is a excellent mix for fishing.
It is a mix of nice big worms, and feeders, containing manure worms, tiger worms, red wigglers, earthworms, European or Belgium night crawlers and dewworms.

This mix is the ultimate way to speed up your compost heap or barrel.
If you make a mix of our worms, worm compost and fine sand, and seed this in your garden,
your garden will have a makeover by our worms, getting a better moisture balance, and your plants will be fed by the worm's compost.

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