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Worm needs

Having worms at your home is getting more and more popular, as it is far more easy then one would beleive.

For the sports fisherman it is always nice to have worms at hand.
Nice and fresh, without having to pay a load for just a handfull of worms .
It is very easy to have and keep worms, just have a stackbin or a big bucket, good bedding or medium and a place that is not too hot.
You can feed your worms horse manure, green kitchen waste, coffee grounds or our own dry food and they will do just fine.
It doesn't really matter if you take out some worms, as they will breed if they get more space.

People are looking for sustainability, eco-friendly living, as a part of bio-logical way of living.
More and more people do vermiculture, to convert food scraps into nutrient-rich, pH neutral worm castings, without smell and without having to have it collected and burned.
The idea is rather simple, having 2 or more stack bins, in the bottom one a couple of bricks and on those bricks the second one having holes in the bottom.
In the second bin, cover the holes with a cloth with the bedding or medium on top of the cloth.
This bedding or medium is the perfect start for the worms, having all they need to feel at home and have their first feed. On top you can place your green waste.
The worms will eat your green waste, before it'll smell.
The only smell you will have, is that of the forests, giving an outdoor feel.
As the worms eat your green waste, the green waste will not have to be transported burned or otherwise cost any energy to be wasted, so your saving the envirement without any effort.
They will eat your green waste, both cooked and raw, rests of fruits and herbs, thee, coffeegrounds, egg shells even cardboard.
In some counties you will even safe money by not putting anything in your bin to be collected.

In Belgium the wormbin is provided for by the governement, with a very reduced price as a way to reduce their CO2

When the worms get their mouths at it, they will work over your compost and greenwaste making scraps into nutrient-rich, pH neutral worm castings, which produce a high quality soil conditioner.
If you decide to give some worms away, your worms will start to breed more, as they have more space. So, it is a good thing to share, and have others learn how vermiculture works.

We have sets, with all that you will need to start your vermiculture or wormbin

The 5 Kg parcel.

It contains 3 Kg medium, the best starting point for your worms, with all their needs for a few weeks.
Approx 1 Kg wormen ( 750 )
1/2 Kg dry food.

This parcel can be send or collected. Ask for the pricings by contacting us.

The 10 Kg parcel.
It contains 6 Kg medium,
Ca 2 Kg worms ( 1500 )
1 Kg dryfood.

This parcel can be send or collected. Ask for the pricings by contacting us.

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